Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Artists Way

I'd really like to work through "The Artists Way" workbook but buying things isn't an option at the moment. However if you go to Julia Cameron's Website for The Artists Way you'll find a free PDF about the basic tools she uses.

These Basic Tools include Morning Pages and Artist Dates.

I started writing Morning Pages on Monday and have done it every day since then. Julia describes them as "brain drain".

All you do is write three pages every morning. This is an opportunity to empty your head onto the page. I write them whilst I'm still in bed or whilst I'm eating breakfast.

Morning pages are a chance to write complete rubbish before you get to the good stuff later in the day.

This morning my pages centred around the idea of "what I want"- out of life, out of the day etc. But you don't have to have a central idea. Julia suggests just writing a stream of consciousness.

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