Sunday, 14 June 2009

I now have 4 squidoo lenses for my writing

Two lenses featuring the short stories I wrote for the Merry Fates competition:

La Belle Dame Sans Merci...

Birth of the Moon...

One lens that's about my writing in general:

Rachel Writing...

And another that's about the Zombie story I want to write for Nano this year:

Planning for Nanowrimo 2009


I'm going to write a zombie romance- yes it's probably going to be as bad as it sounds.
Find out more in the lens below.
I'm also near the end of reading Charles De Lint's book "Forests of the Heart". This is the second time I read it. I, of course, made a lens about it ;) here:

I don't often read books twice, even if I loved them but I might start doing that as I forget so much of what happened after a while. One thing I think, whilst reading De Lint's books, is will I ever be able to juggle as many viewpoint characters as he does?

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