Thursday, 16 September 2010

Knitting the Plot

I’ve started this knitting project which is perfect for the story I’m currently working on.

It’s called Oceanstream by Jane Thornley and I’m working on it whilst editing my novel – well, I say editing but there’s a lot of rewriting and fresh plotting going on too. It’s a loose top which Jane refers to as “notaponcho”.

Jane’s instructions are written like we’re on a ship following a map that takes you out of deep water, past an island and up to shore (at the top of your not-a-poncho).

This is great for me as my current (no pun intended) story is all about the sea and I’m composting a new nautical story for this year’s NanoWrimo.

It’s a free range pattern so there’s a lot of making it up as you go along – kind of like starting out on your first draft of your novel.

I’m still at the beginning of the pattern so I’ve just started knitting the moon in amongst dark streams of deep water. This is a mysterious place – a deep well of ideas. Maybe if I cast my most sparkly yarn down into them there waters I might catch a jewelled fish.

As I knit further up the piece I’ll come to a lagoon and an atoll.

I’m carrying along a lot of yarns as I work the different colours of this piece and they keep getting tangled on the back. Every now and then I keep untangling them – like making sense out of all those places where your plot explodes on you.

I started thinking – wouldn’t it be cool to have a knitting project for every story – a way to keep my mind thinking about what’s happening plot-wise whilst I having a sneaky break.

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