Friday, 29 October 2010

Nanowrimo Map Brainstorm

Seeing as I finally got my map into a painted and almost workable state I thought I'd brainstorm it for some ideas. As Nano starts on Monday - yikes!

It's been ages since I painted anything so please forgive the muddy colours - I figure it makes it look old and worn.

The wallpaper paste I used ending up resisting the paint in places (I used very watered-down acrylics) but I loved the effect because it gave the surface a bit of texture and I discovered some more islands hiding in the paint.

I'm not quite sure if there's any meaning behind the shape of the map yet. Perhaps the discovered world is that shape and no one knows what lies beyond the T-shape.

So far, in the murk, I've discovered possible icebergs - although they could also be islands of metal, or submerged metal forms in the sea?

I have a cat island (made with a torn print-out of a Frida Kahlo painting).

There's a possible sea graveyard. I'm not sure who's buried there or whether it's a shipwreck or a drowned city.

I've got a ring of mountains under the water.

One of the islands (at the bottom right) was made with a scrap that had a very scultpural-looking face on it. I'm wondering if this island is a bit like Easter island - full of strange sculptures.

At the top central part of my map I've discovered Sugar Mouse island. I couldn't stop thinking of it as that due to the tail coming off the main triangular shape.

I've also got an Anchor in the ocean - what does this mean? Maybe my characters are going to go sailing - maybe this is where they put their anchor down.

At the top, above Sugar Mouse Island I've got a piece of land that's covered in circles - I'm wondering if these are a strange formation of hills or even manmade shapes of some kind?

Next to the bobbles I've got a piece of paper which has handwriting on it. I picked out some of the words which include:

"better get back" - maybe this means that when my characters get to this place they're going to have to leave again because of some sort of obstacle and disaster?

"without the stains" - I dread to think what this could mean! Haha!

"lots of love" - I think it was a discarded page from a letter. Maybe there's love in store for a couple of characters.

This next picture is the lefthand side of the top of the T.

The printed writing mentions broken jewellery and found objects so that could be interesting.

Perhaps someone's very important piece of jewellery goes missing?

I wonder what the characters could find there?

I've got a line of mountains along one border and the other half of that Frida Kahlo picture which shows a monkey and a dead hummingbird necklace. I might be wrong but I think the hummingbird was supposed to represent sorrow - I'll have to look that up. There's also a lot of leafy jungle going on in that painting so maybe there's a jungle in this part of the world.

The other end of the T has a piece of land with the words "recycle, reuse" on it. Perhaps this is a place where the people collect all the junk that everyone else throws away. Perhaps they're skilled at fixing and patching up things.

I've got a couple of places here that have funny lines and swirls on them. I'm wondering whether these are contour lines on the ground or perhaps some sort of sculpted land? They could be meteor craters?

There are a couple of rectangles in this area too. I wonder what they could be? Something manmade - maybe walled in cities?

Well, that's given me a little bit to work with on Monday!

This week I set a textiles challenge to make fabric maps. Check that out here.

The map brainstorming idea came from Holly Lisle - check it out here.

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