Sunday, 5 December 2010

Nanowrimo Vlog Days 19-30

Yikes! I can't believe I forgot to post all these vlogs.

Well, I've recovered from Nanowrimo and now I'm trying to catch up with everything.

I managed 200k in the end - finishing with 10k days of writing - the last of which I managed to type out furiously before 5pm!

I was so sure I wasn't going to make it especially considering my Granddad died and then my PC exploded with 5 days (and 35K) to go.

Day 19:

In which I bought some bright pink mohair!

Day 20:

In which I worked out I needed to do 8k a day in the days I had left to get 200k - previously I had decided not to go for 200k. I also crochetted a pebble!

Day 21:

In which I try to get ahead, knowing that I won't be able to write much on 2 days.
I've also been putting way more into scenes than I need just so that I know the background to the story.

Day 22:

Yesterday I got 10k in the end! I start to worry that I've written everything I possibly can on this story, but could go into the background of some of my characters. I also managed to write instead of taking a nap!

Day 23:

Managed to discover some scenes that needed to be written. Writing lots feels like really good exercise and I talk about my TV addiction and having to go cold turkey!

Day 24:

In which I came home at 9:30pm and got 3k which took my wordcount up to 152048 words.

Day 25:

My PC died today :( but without the fan on my video is much more quiet! And sometghing falls off my desk.

Day 26:

Today was a painful. I got 10k done eventually. I was out of practice from only writing 3k for the other days.

Day 27:

I almost forgot to vlog today. Only 5k done today and 30k to go. And my brain wouldn't work!

Day 28:

Got 10k today despite not feeling like I would do it. Using a different computer still seems weird. I've been getting my characters to talk about their background.

Day 29:

In which I talk about working right up to the last day of Nanowrimo (something I've never done before) and verifying my novel early.

Day 30:

In which I finished before 5pm!

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