Thursday, 14 April 2011

Chapter 7 - Red Cave

Well, I got a little out of sync with blogging about my prompt novel recently but I’ve been managing to write it each week.

Just sat down and wrote out chapter 7 this morning. This chapter seemed to come quite easily and I’m pleased I’ve got some time to read it through and add stuff before we swap tomorrow.

This week’s prompt, chosen by the other Rachel, was this:

Which followed on nicely for me from the carved tree prompt last week – you wouldn’t think so but I wrote a story where the land was pretty much patched together with odd sunny spots and rainy spots and permanently night time areas so arid red earth can go next to a flourishing tree just fine.

It feels like the story is moving quite fast at the moment so I think when it comes to editing I’ll be going back and filling in more details. I haven’t really gone into my character’s home life enough because I was in such a hurry to get her off to school to meet certain other characters. I think she’s gone through quite a lot seeing as it’s still only the second day of the story.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Chapter 5 - Geography

I had a little extra time to write this chapter as my Friday was kind of busy and I'm only just getting around to blogging this on Monday morning.

I think my writing partner is on a Steam Punk kick at the moment! She chose this prompt this week:

That box has turned up just in time for my MC’s first class at school. It's been quite a long time since I was in any class at school so I found it a bit difficult to get into at first. Especially as the class was a "magical form" of Geography and I haven't studied Geography in any form since I was 13. It probably wasn't a wise decision to settle on it but I've got a few ideas for later that are dependant on the coursework project my characters are set in this chapter.

So the Steampunk Magic Box above is used as some kind of measuring device for magical geography purposes.

I’m at that point where I started to find writing difficult because I’m introducing a character that I want to portray in a certain way and I want him to be likeable. I’m so caught up with that I’m finding it difficult to write and it feels like he’s coming out a bit flat. I guess I should relax and let whatever happens happens.

So, I guess this week I'll be doing some geography homework! And also working out how to get my character from school to where she see's this week's prompt.

This week's prompt is this carved tree.