Friday, 27 May 2011

Chapters 10 and 11

I went on holiday between chapters 10 and 11 so that's why there's been a bit of a gap in posts.

I chose a fairly sinister prompt for chapter 10. Check it out here. Which had a fairly sinister effect on my chapter which ended on a cliffhanger.

I had trouble getting started on chapter 10, so the thursday night before it was due I sat down and started writing it all down by hand - something I hadn't done for a long time. This was so much fun - the words poured out of me but I had a feeling that the chapter still wouldn't be all that long when I typed it up.

When I did get round to typing it up the next day I found that I had so much more to add to what I had and I ended up with my longest chapter so far.

I also did the same thing for chapter 11 - I was on holiday for a week and didn't have access to a computer. Although I was a little less enthusiastic about getting chapter 11 done, having those notes defintely helped me get that chapter done.

I didn't get around to actually fitting Prompt 11 into chapter 11. You can see it here. I do have ideas for this prompt but it just moved me too far away from where I was at the end of chapter 10. This sort of thing was a lot easier the last time we worked on a prompt-based novel because I was writing from several points of view and could jump about into different sub-plots. This time I only have one POV character and chapter 10 ended on a cliffhanger in a wooded area.

I have no idea what I'm planning to do with the prompt chosen for chapter 12 but I hope I'll come up with something interesting.

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