Saturday, 7 May 2011

Chapters 8 and 9

Oops! I guess I haven't been here for a while now!

Anyway, today I finished my first draft of chapter 9. I cut it a lot shorter than I intended - I had a conversation that felt like it was going on and on so I had to end it on an interruption and a cliff hanger before it became an awkward monster!

Things could have got a little romantic for a moment there but at the moment I'm shying away from that stuff.

The prompt image for chapter 9 (set my Rachel, my crit partner, was actually pretty timely. There was a lot of heavy rain and lightning and thunder here last night (that was also my excuse for not finishing chapter 9 yesterday - can't switch the PC on in a thunder storm *wink*). Although our lightning wasn't quite as spectacular!

Last week's prompt took my characters up to the turret of the old part of the school - not used anymore because of too many magic leaks. A spell was interrupted and now the "cool gang" are furious with my two main characters. There's trouble ahead!

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