Saturday, 11 June 2011

Chapters 12 and 13

I got quite into the ideas I came up with for Chapter 12 last week but the chapter ended up being far too short and too fast-paced. I think I'll have to add in some slow-mo running a la Dark Place.

Now I've realised my story is rapidly running away with itself, taking me to places where I'm not ready to go yet. I've got my POV character in trouble with her dad and running away from home when it's still only her second day of being in this new place.

The prompt for Chapter 13, chosen by the other Rachel, is fairly enigmatic. I love it but I'm having a tough time working out what to do with it. I started out with my POV character's family arriving in this new place - a city crumbling with magic - but I haven't used it much at all yet in my story, so I'm thinking of getting my characters to head back there.

I wonder what is in that suitcase? And why it's important to my characters?

In my head I have all these scenes that I want to get into the story but they don't currently connect. There are some things that I'd probably go back and add in between previous chapters. What I'm writing now is stuff that I imagine being much nearer the end of the story. 

When I do Nanowrimo I hop all over the place writing bits for the end, middle and beginning in random order but I'd feel a bit sorry for Rachel (who reads my chapters every week) if I did that.

Well, I guess for now, I should stop procrastinating and get on with writing chapter 13 and see where on earth it's going to take me for next week!

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